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Susie, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

I had the best experience at Heart of Texas Physical Therapy with Dr. Brindle! I had fallen at work, missed a step, and the impact of the fall threw my head backwards, resulting in severe vertigo. I can’t describe how terrible it was to live with that for months! I would have episodes daily. i went to see my PCP who referred me to ENT who told me, I may never recover! I went to see Dr. Brindle and after one session I was cured! I felt amazing; I had a normal life back! One follow up session to teach me how to correct any problems I may have in the future and I was completely cured. He was patient, kind, instructive, and I felt as though he heard me throughout the entire process and genuinely wanted me to get better as much as I did! If you are having any issues, I would definitely recommend him!