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Susanne N, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

Dr. Brindle and the PTA, Josue are not your typical PT, Dr. and PTA. They specialize in treating you and not giving you “the treatment” as I have experienced before.

I won’t lie, I went in kicking and screaming because I had a bad taste in my mouth and felt it would be a waste of time.

Since I have been working with Heart Of Texas Physical Therapy I have learned more about my physical self and how my body operates than I can explain in a review. I can only say that I am happy to finally be under the care of a PT Dr. that works with me and doesn’t stick me on a bike and have me stretch bands in the corner, while he paces the room. This one-on-one therapy is dedicated to just “me” as the patient. I don’t share my hour with 5 others vying for assistance and instructions as to what to do next.

If ever you need a PT, ask your doctor for the referral here….. You will be glad you did.