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Lekeria W, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

Dr. Brindle is the very best. I had experience vertigo for months and continuously felt as I was going to pass out. I was always nauseated to my stomach and could hardly eat. I had two sessions and I felt 60% better. I was able to work without worrying about falling or passing out. I’ve been able to enjoy life outside and with family. I have my normal life back Thanks to Dr. Brindle. Dr.Brindle listened and understood exactly what I was going through. Why many thought I was crazy Dr. Brindle let me know it was a true diagnosis. I was shown how to do exercises to retrain my brain and stop the dizziness and nauseated feeling. Jacob Brindle is truly an amazing therapist that I’m very thankful for. Six sessions I felt awesome. I know it an blessing from GOD. If you suffer from imbalance, dizziness, vertigo or just need therapy Dr. Brindle is the one. Caring, patience, understanding and very helpful.