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James M, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

I am going to agree with all the reviews that have already been stated. Dr. Brindle is the absolute best. My story starts about 3 years ago when I experienced back issues and my options were presented to me in this order…Pain management (shots-12 total a session- 3 sessions total)….Physical Therapy. Those methods did provide temporarily relief but the ultimate relief was surgery (in my case). The surgery was a spinal fusion of my L4 through S1…6 screws and 2 rods (was a success). The surgery was July of 2017. Lets fast forward to July 2018 were my L3 disc ruptured and I went under the knife again (actually 5 surgeries in 2 years). This surgery went totally sideways. During the surgery my nerve was torn (twice) due to scar tissue that developed from my previous surgery and I was leaking spinal fluid. I was basically in the hospital for 29 days and 19 of those days were in a coma and in ICU. After all said and done I had to basically learn how to walk while redeveloping leg strength. The reason for the background story is that my job demands that I be in good physical shape to perform my job. I was in my opinion, in a very good athletic state to the previous surgeries. I ran, rowed, biked and lifted weights. Dr. Brindle presented realistic goals and shot me straight and stated that I will be back to my old self, with hard work and a positive mindset. His positive attitude, his determination to push…even when you want to quit, he presents the end result of the session will be rewarding. He sits and talks and shows compassion and takes the time to listen, really listen to what you have to say. I have a saying that I am 99.9% back. I will never ever be 100%. The reason for that is, I am not the way the Good Lord made me, I am altered. Dr. Brindle has made me 99.9%