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Grace, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

About a year ago, I started having episodes of terrible dizziness along with migraines.  I went from a very active person to someone who could barely leave the house.  I was diagnosed with vestibular migraine and referred to Dr. Brindle. After the first session I was already feeling better.  He gave me exercises to do and firmly but compassionately pressed me to do them.  Within two weeks I was moving around with much more ease and confidence.  After a couple of months under his care, I am again able to exercise, run errands, and take care of my family.  Before I met Dr. Brindle, I was afraid to leave my home; I didn’t know what would trigger a migraine – bright lights, loud noises, certain smells; but with Dr. Brindle’s guidance and encouragement I have recovered to a point where I’m fully functional and I am even doing some things that I wasn’t able to do before my initial episode.  Dr. Brindle has truly changed my life and I highly recommend him to anyone needing physical or vestibular therapy.