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Doloris, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

For almost an entire year I suffered from vertigo. During that time it was extremely difficult for me to even get out of bed when all my life I’d been up and moving before 6 am.  Most days I experienced a nausea feeling and so much dizziness that it prevented me from doing many things that had been a part of my very active lifestyle.  Even though I had been to other Physical Therapists, a Chiropractor, an Audiologist, and multiple Physicians, and taken numerous over-the-counter and prescription medications…none of that helped to alleviate the vertigo.  My Dentist introduced me to Dr. Jacob Brindle and within weeks my vertigo was gone. His treatment was just what I needed!  His professionalism and manner of dealing with me as a patient went far beyond my expectations.  I felt his concern for my well-being from my first telephone conversation.  Whenever I meet or hear from friends that are having problems with vertigo, I immediately share what I experienced and encourage them to take advantage of Dr. Brindle’s expertise as soon as they can.  If vertigo ever returns, I will never feel helpless again!