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Blake G, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

I have spent a lot of time observing Dr. Brindle as a student volunteer this summer. He is highly motivated and a true expert in every sense of the word. Be prepared to work hard, but this is a man who loves his job and makes therapy fun. After observing multiple therapy practices in a variety of settings, I’ve come to understand the unfortunate reality of the modern day corporate healthcare system: oftentimes, money is the foremost priority. This is absolutely NOT the case with Dr. Brindle’s practice. Rather than chasing dollars, he prides himself in being at the top of his field and providing the highest quality of care available. He wants to maximize patient outcomes as quickly as possible, and owning his own practice allows him to dictate the best course of action on a patient-to-patient basis. One of the things I respect most about him is that he truly cares about upholding strong ethics in the workplace. Doing things the right way matters to him. This next statement may seem trivial to some, but it’s an important one: you will never see him making notes on his computer while working with a patient. He makes sure to give you his undivided attention each and every session. It’s things like that which he takes pride in, even if it means he has to spend hours upon hours filling out paperwork long after he has finished seeing patients for the day. Here’s the bottom line: if you’re looking for a friendly, straight-forward, result-driven therapist who genuinely cares for the well-being of the patients and community he serves, then this is your guy.