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deloris-testimonial-heart-of-texas-physical-therapy Oct2nd 2020

Debby, WACO, TX

Heart of Texas Physical Therapy has been amazing in helping me to regain my independence and to get back to living my life the way I want to. Thank you so much for finding and fixing the cause of my dizziness and vertigo.


Oct2nd 2020

Awesome physical therapist. Unlike other physical therapist I’ve seen, he spends the entire appointment focused on your treatment. You’re not passed off to an assistant or tech. He explains everything that he does and why.

Rosemary M, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

He is the best that I have seen so far that has helped with my vertigo, my dizziness, and my balance. I think that if you have these problems, HE'S THE BEST.