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Category: Hip/Knee

Samantha R. F, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

I think this is the best physical therapy you can find. I have gone to doctors and chiropractors for lack of mobility and pain in my left leg and I thought it was something I was going have issues with for the rest of my life.

Lindsay B, WACO, TX

Oct2nd 2020

Dr. Jacob Brindle is excellent. I went in with vertigo and Dr. Brindle was very patient with me and with his help I am free of the symptoms. I am ever so grateful to Dr. Brindle for his cure of my vertigo without medication. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Brindle on removing my back and hip pain in the coming weeks.


Oct2nd 2020

Dr. Brindle is absolutely incredible. I have had dizziness for years; he cured it in about 1 week. And it never came back! And now, he is working on my lower back, which affects my hip and leg. So far, it is much better. I could not recommend him more. He is very effective.