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Our Story

Heart of Texas Physical Therapy started late 2015 providing a few concierge visits, on the side of Dr. B’s regular employment, in people’s homes as they became available.  It became very clear very fast that most of the patients Dr. Brindle saw had never experienced such focused one on one personal attention before from a healthcare professional.

In January of 2016, Dr. B used what little cash he had in reserve to clean up and lease a small 12ftx12ft office, buy a massage table off of Amazon and a clearance desk from Office Depot, and just like that his dream became a reality.

Very slowly, the reputation of HOT PT grew as a facility focused on exception care and service above all else and soon took over 6 offices within the same building by the end of the third year.​

As scheduling became tight and more and more people looked for help from HOT PT, Dr. Brindle saw the growing need to hire additional Physical Therapists to provide care to our growing family of patients.  It became apparent, however, that given the layout of the current offices, it would be difficult to have additional therapists providing care at the same time and it became necessary to look into larger retail spaces to lease.

An opportunity to renovate and lease a 4000 sq. ft. retail space came available and opened for business January of 2019.  New programs and staff were added over the course of a year and HOT PT continues to grow.

Given the climate of healthcare in Waco, as well as the rest of the country, small private practices such as HOT PT should not have even the slightest chance to succeed let alone flourish and grow exponentially unless we are following the path the Lord laid out in front of us and we are doing what we are called to do.  We remain focused on providing a nurturing and caring environment for our patients to heal and recover. For more information, Contact Us Today at Waco, TX center to schedule an appointment.